Managing Toxic In-Laws

Wed, August 19th
1 PM (EDT) or 8 PM (EDT)

Are your in-laws...

•  Giving you their opinion on everything?
•  Trying to control your marriage?
•  Treating your mate special while mistreating you?
•  Ruining your marriage?
•  Making you bitter inside?
•  Freakin' driving you CRAZY?!?

If so, keep reading!

God put the family unit together, and contrary to popular opinion, that included in-laws. (Yes, even your mother-in-law)

Your in-laws loved your mate first, and want what's best for him/her. They want what's best for you, too, but are natually partial to the one they raised. 

Your spouse's parents are passionate about ensuring things go well for their son/daughter, and often that looks like them making a mess in your marriage. We've seen this happen in many marriages, and can help you make sense of it all.

In this Pay What You Want Webinar, you'll get expert strategies on ...

•  Standing up for yourself while showing respect
•  Supporting your mate without being a doormat
•  Managing your in-laws' faulty expectations
Protecting your marriage from in-law invasion
•  and more!

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