It's a term we hear thrown around loosely these days. People say they are blessed in those moments when their good experiences seem to outweigh the bad ones. But when difficulty comes, they use other words to describe their lives.

Being blessed is not about circumstances. It's not about getting more of the "good stuff." Rather, being blessed is being in God's favor -- in the midst of sunshine and rain.

Taking insights from the Epistle of James, Marriage Works! founder Kevin B. Bullard explores what it takes to create a marriage that is blessed by God. 

The Blessed Marriage covers topics such as:

•  dealing with temptation
•  overcoming anger
•  showing transformational love
•  communicating effectively
•  developing patience
•  and more

Each devotion includes discussion questions so couples or small groups can dig deeper into the practical applications of the lesson. Wondering how to have a blessed marriage? Look no further.

This book is the roadmap you've been waiting for!

What They're Saying ...

We're grateful that Kevin has been inspired by God and guided by the Holy Spirit to birth this devotional. A blessed marriage is a tool we believe all married couples need. This devotional is full of wisdom which comes from God. You can't go wrong when you use the Bible as the barometer for your marriage and as Kevin mentions in this devotional, you need faith for your marriage to work and faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God (Romans 10:17). We pray that you will expect God's very best as you read, believe, and receive on this journey. And we decree that you will have a Blessed Marriage.

Teddy and Tina Campbell, GRAMMY® Award-winning gospel artists, authors, and stars of WETV's hit reality show "Mary Mary."

Kevin and Cetelia were vital as mentors and spiritual guides when we were first launching Marriage365.  It wasn’t just their counsel, but their friendship and practical viewpoints that continues to live on through what we do. Their devotional is refreshing and an inspiring read we know you will enjoy. As you read these pages, you will likely find yourself filled with passion and honor for your spouse again as well as for the love Jesus has for marriages.

Casey and Meygan Caston, Founders of Marriage365

What a wonderful and powerful resource from Kevin! The Blessed Marriage shares incredible knowledge from the Bible and makes it actionable for today's busy couples. I highly recommend this devotional to any couple who wants to strengthen their relationship with each other and with God.

Dustin Riechmann, author of 15-Minute Marriage Makeover & co-founder of

With grace, humility and relevant stories, Kevin Bullard offers solid groundwork in “easy-to-digest” chapters.  Dig into this book and you’ll find an author who isn’t afraid to admit his own shortcomings, yet at the same time reveals what he learned and how God is faithful to show us the right way to do marriage – if we’ll listen. The discussion questions and prayer points make it all the more applicable.  I highly recommend you grab a copy for yourself and give The Blessed Marriage as a gift to those special couples in your life.  You’ll be glad you did!

Julie Sibert, author of Pursuit of Passion: Discovering True Intimacy in Your Marriage, and creator of the blog

Having been married for 20 years there is always something new to learn when it comes to our spiritual intimacy. In The Blessed Marriage this is exactly what happened. As we began the devotional we were challenged by each week's devotional questions. We're truly blessed to know that now this book is in your hands and will be transforming for your marriage.

Tony and Alisa DiLorenzo, Co-Founders of ONE Extraordinary Marriage, Best selling authors and hosts of the world's #1 Marriage Podcast, ONE Extraordinary Marriage Show

The Blessed Marriage is a Blessing for Christian couples. It is that unique Christian Marriage resource that actually focuses on Christ. Each devotion is smartly written, easy to read and made to apply to the specifics of your marriage.

Edward C. Lee, pastor & author of Elevate Your Marriage: 7 Practices of Highly Intimate Couples,

Kevin Bullard's passion for Christian marriage and his work in helping couples grow together in Christ is an inspiration to me and many, many others. It is a needed resource in our confusing times.

Dr. Kenneth Wilgus, Marriage & Adolescent counselor, and author of Feeding the Mouth That Bites You