Sex & Your Marriage

God gave us two ears and one set of lips for a reason. We need to listen more and talk less. We all have a deep desire to be known. God put that desire in our hearts. We want to be known, understood and loved for who we are. To know our spouse, we need to pay attention to who they are and actually listen to what they say. It sounds simple, but for most people, being a good listener is a skill that needs to be cultivated.

What you'll learn in this audio:

9 Strategies to become a better listener
The importance of catching before throwing
Why you shouldn't clap until the song ends
The value of asking questions
The #1 listening mistake husbands make when talking to their wife
What wives do to infuriate and demean their husband
When to stop the conversation
The most basic human need
and more!

This product contains an audio and listening guide.

Suggested Value: $5.95