Personal  Coaching FAQs

1. What is personal coaching?
Personal coaching is the traditional one-on-one format between a coach and client(s). The coaching is provided by Kevin Bullard, president of Marriage Works! (learn more). Our coaching is biblically-based, and incudes a healthy dose of practical, transparent, and real-life illustrations to help you make your marriage better.

2. How much does personal coaching cost?
Personal coaching is $85 per session.

3. Is personal coaching for me?
Personal coaching is for you if you prefer to talk, and want to meet with Kevin 1-on-1 or with your spouse.

4. Isn’t coaching only for couples in trouble?
Absolutely not! Coaching is for any spouse or couple in any season of their relationship – whether things are currently great or challenging. According to Benjamin Franklin, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Receiving marriage coaching BEFORE problems arise is wise, and is a worthy investment considering the high financial, emotional, and mental costs of a dysfunctional marriage, and potential divorce.

5. What  do we talk about?
That’s completely up to you, although we'll guide you. As the client, you set the agenda. We regularly talk about goal-setting, dreams, communication, conflict, sex, work, family, finances, great marriages, troubled marriages, children, and everything in between. You set the agenda, and we’ll come along beside you to help you accomplish your goals.

6. As a man, will I be "ganged-up" on?
Not at all. Coaching is not about “ganging-up” on one spouse over the other. Both the husband and wife will be equally challenged & affirmed by us to be the best spouse they can be [with their mate's encouragement and God’s help]. It takes two to make a marriage work, so we’ll focus on both spouses.

7. Will you keep my information private?
Definitely. We respect your privacy, and will keep your identity and situation confidential.

8. My spouse does not want coaching. Can/Should I do it alone?
Yes, we understand that sometimes one spouse may be open to coaching while the other one is not. We feel it's always best for the spouse with the interest in coaching to get the support he/she needs.

9. Can I do coaching via phone or video?
Yes. Both phone and video are options for coaching.

10. Do you provide face-to-face coaching?
Due to the pandemic, all coaching is done virtually. This will be our protocol for foreseeable future.