Your Mood. Your Marriage. Your Move.

What's your mood right now?

Relaxed? Angry? Frustrated? Sad? Depressed? Hopeful? Hopeless?

Whatever your mood, it is being sourced from the past.

Think about it, however you feel right this moment as you're reading this is based on something that has already happened.

What does that mean? What can you do about it? How does that impact your marriage?

That's what we're discussing during tomorrow's Marriage Transformation Night.

Why is so important to crack the code on mood?

Because how you show up to your spouse (and everyone else in your life) is never based on now, and totally impacts how you'll show up in the next second (also now).

Many marriages are in shreds based on a past that has nothing to do with the actual marriage.

Think about it -- when you're in a mood (and you always are), your marriage feels the weight of it, for better or worse.

Therefore, it's critical that you gain awareness, and even mastery, over your mood so that you show up in your marriage in a way that's going to bless it instead of bombing it.

Join us tomorrow for Marriage Transformation Night.

Your mood. Your marriage. Your move.

When: Tuesday, 12/14

Time: 8 PM EST/ 7 PM CST / 6 PM MST / 5 PM PST

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