What You Don't Know About You

Tom can't figure out why Marcy gets so irritated when he starts sharing how he feels about his job.

Jamelle is lost as to why Dante would rather spend time in his man cave than hang with her on the weekend.

Pat feels put upon whenever Carl starts talking to her about money.

Derrick would rather bang his head against the wall than listen to Angela keep talking about what she wants him to do to help her with the kids.

In these four instances, has anyone done anything wrong?

It's debatable, but I'd say no.

Well, if no one is doing anything wrong, what's the problem? Why are Marcy, Dante, Pat, and Derrick feeling the blues about their respective mate?


Now, let's talk about you ... yeah YOU.

Does your spouse keep telling you about yourself, but you keep brushing it off and thinking he/she is crazy, making stuff up, or given to exaggeration?

If that's you, and it has to be you because you're human, read this carefully: 

Your spouse may be onto something about you that you either don't know or refuse to admit because admitting it would "make your spouse right."

During this evening's Marriage Transformation Night, we're going to distinguish what's happening in these moments, and equip you to handle these situations in a better way going forward.

There's something you don't know about you, and tonight we're gonna show it to you ... if you're brave enough to look.

Tonight @ 8 PM EST / 7 PM CST / 5 PM PST

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