Two Words to Stop Blame (and they're not "I'm Sorry)

If you read my last two emails, you know ...

 + the last two messages have been about blame

 + blame is an automatic response...a survival mechanism

 + blaming and justifying yourself makes matters worse, not better

Here's what you don't know: the two words that shut blame down instantly, and empower both spouses to search for possibilities.

For the record, they are NOT "I'm sorry" nor "I apologize."

While those words will definitely stop blame, they're often used to end conversations instead of actually taking responsibility.

Be honest. How often do you "apologize" just to shut your mate up?


During this evening's Marriage Transformation Night (8 EST / 7 CST), we're going to ...

spend some time distinguishing what's happening in the background when we blame our mate and justify ourselves

discover two words that will bring resolution while creating empowerment for BOTH spouses.

I hope you'll be there tonight, and that you'll show up ready to work on you -- not your mate. If you do, I promise you will have a breakthrough in your marriage.

Tonight @ 8 PM EST / 7 PM CST / 5 PM PST

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