Group Coaching FAQs

1. What is group coaching?
Group coaching is a video-based session with Kevin Bullard and 3 to 7 participants. The coaching is biblically-based, and includes a healthy dose of practical, transparent, and real-life illustrations to help you make your marriage better

2. How much does group coaching cost?
Group coaching is $30 per person for a 60 minute session.

3. Is group coaching for me?
The cost of personal coaching can be a deterrent for people who really want coaching. Group coaching is a great alternative because it's less expensive, and still gives you the opportunity to ask questions and receive feedback. An added benefit is that you get to learn from others' experiences while sharing your own.

4. What will we talk about?
The group coaching sessions are topical and change weekly (
see schedule).

5. Is group coaching a webinar?
No. A webinar has a presentation followed by a brief question and answer period. On the contrary, in a group coaching session, the entire time is filled with asking and answering questions, knowledge-sharing, and expert guidance by Kevin of Marriage Works! Before each session, you'll have an opportunity to submit questions. you want answered.

6. Will I have time to talk?
Definitely! The session will be facilitated in a way that you have time to get answers to your questions.

7. Is there a minimum number for group coaching?
A minimum of three people is required to conduct the session.

8. What if I register, but there's not enough people to conduct the session?

If we do not reach our minimum, you can either request a refund or participate in a future group session of your choice (provided there's availability).

9. How is privacy maintained in a group session?
A condition for participating in a group session is that information discussed and identities revealed remain confidential. Of course, by participating in a group coaching session, you are voluntarily giving up a certain degree of privacy.

10. Are group sessions conducted by phone or video?
Group sessions are conducted via video.