Email Coaching FAQs

1. What is email coaching?
Email coaching consists of getting marriage support via writing instead of talking. The coaching is provided by Kevin Bullard, president of Marriage Works! (learn more). Our coaching is biblically-based, and incudes a healthy dose of practical, transparent, and real-life illustrations to help you make your marriage better.

2. How much does email coaching cost?
Email coaching is $45 for 50 minutes of response time, i.e., time spent reading and replying to your messages.

3. Is email coaching for me?
Email coaching is for you if you tend to do your best thinking and self-expression in writing vs. talking. Writing helps to clarify thoughts, so email coaching will give you an opportunity to truly explore what you're thinking in a clear manner.

4. How will I know how much time I have remaining?
A balance of remaining time, and the date the minutes expire, will be included in each reply you receive. Minutes expire after 90 days.

5. Will our conversations be secure?
Yes. We will use a secure app to keep the conversations confidential.