Unmet expectations got you feeling like ___.


Look at the image above.

What do you expect to happen next?

Some candidates:

  • The bird on the right gets talons to the eyes.
  • The bird on the right charges at the bird on the left.
  • The birds have a good ol' tussle establishing supremacy.

Truth is, what you expect to to these birds happen may happen, and it might not.

Unless you're invested in the welfare of these birds, you're probably okay if your expectation isn't met.

However, that's not true about your marriage, is it?

When your expectations aren't met in your marriage, you care a whole lot.

BUT, what if you realized your unmet expectations were off base, and increased the conflict in your marriage?

What if adjusted your expectations so that they actually helped your marriage instead of hurting it?

What would that create in your life?

  • More peace?
  • Less stress?
  • More laughter?
  • More intimacy?
  • More joy at home?
  • Decreased tension?

Guess what? ALL of these are possible.

And, they are directly tied to your expectations.

For real.

Don't believe me? You need to attend tomorrow's Marriage Transformation Night.

Tomorrow night you're going to discover your blindspots when it comes to expectations, and learn a better way to create accountability in your marriage.

You can attend the session (and next week's) free of charge (click here to learn more).

Join the other couples who are transforming their marriage. If you've hit a wall and don't know what to do next, you should join us.

Registration ends TODAY, so act before it's too late.


ps - your expectations are likely ruining your marriage. Don't tolerate it any longer. Click here to attend tomorrow's Transformation Night for free.

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