Don't Believe the Lie Being Told Today


Happy New Year!

I received a text this morning that included the following:

All is new in 2022 🎉

I've struggled with this statement all day.

While I appreciate the optimism and cute rhyme, the statement just isn't true.

There's nothing inherently new just because we crossed over into 2022.

Proof: If you went to bed last night with marital challenges, you woke up with marital challenges.

BUT, there is hope.

You can create new things in your life and marriage in 2022.

You've got the whole year ahead of you.

You get to author what happens this year.

Inside God's sovereignty, there's a place for you come alive and create.

  • What will your marriage look like?
  • What will your career look like?
  • What will your family look like?
  • What wil your finances look like?

You have the opportunity to create something new in 2022.

What will you do with the opportunity?

  • Redeem it or waste it?
  • Execute or make excuses?
  • Get busy or get to blaming?

Your 2022 is up to you.


ps - Our next Transformation Night is this coming Tuesday, January 4th at 8 PM EDT. The topic is Expectations, and how they're likely ruining your marriage. You don't want to miss it. Click here to attend for free.

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