Toughness, Commitment, Tenacity

Be Tough In Your Marriage


Stay on the offensive, and be tough in your marriage!

In the last post I wrote about how marriage requires toughness. While toughness deals with standing strong against adverse conditions, tenacity means not relaxing one's resolve or attack. In other words, staying on the offense.

Whenever I hear the word tenacity, I think about a bulldog. Here's the thing about bulldogs: they're tenacious, i.e.., not readily letting go or giving in.

That is how marriage partners need to be if their marriage is going to withstand opposition. A husband and wife who believe in themselves, their God, and one another will stay on the offensive and face all challenges that come their way. They will refuse to let their marriage disintegrate due to opposition.

Couples who faint at the least bit of trouble & refuse to fight for their marriage will see it fall apart. On the other hand, couples who team up with one another and fight against the obstacles are in for a loving, lasting marriage that others merely dream about.

Stay on the offensive, and be tough in your marriage!

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