Laughing, Togetherness, Celebration

Keep Laughing


Life is tough can be tough and zap your energy. That can have a negative impact you marriage. How can you overcome it? Keep laughing.

Recently I saw a young, unmarried couple on the sidewalk laughing, smiling, and thoroughly enjoying themselves. It looked like they were having a lot of fun and enjoying one another’s company.

It reminds me of a joke I heard: If you see two couples in a restaurant from a distance, how can you tell which couple is married? They’re the ones not talking to each other.


Life is tough. Life is long. And according to Nationwide, life comes at you fast. Life can wear you out, zap your energy, and make you become a grouch. How do you fight that?

Keep smiling. Keep the mood light. Create celebrations. Ultimately, keep laughing with your spouse.

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