Ends Tonight: Transform Your Marriage for $10/mo


Today is the last day of 2021, and your LAST day to join the weekly Marriage Transformation nights for just $10/mo.

For sure, you'll still be able to attend the weekly sessions, but the cost will increase to $20/mo or $10/individual session.

When you consider we meet 50 Tuesdays a year over 12 months, you can see that registering today is going to save you a bundle of money (while transforming your marriage):

  • 12 months at $20/mo = $240/yr

  • 50 Tuesdays at $10/session = $500/yr

If you register today, you'll pay $10/mo. Period.

The numbers don't lie. You're gonna save a grip by signing-up for the weekly transformation nights by the end of today.

Key details:

  1. You'll get 30 days FREE to see if this is for you
  2. You control your membership (stay as long as you want)
  3. Your marriage will be transformed

While the first two are important, they not nearly as important as the third detail.

Your marriage will be transformed because YOU will be transformed.

That's what this is all about.

Are you wanting a different marriage while doing nothing different?


Are you wanting a different marriage, but you're currently doing something that doesn't work?

It's time to do something different.

Your marriage is the most important relationship you have because everything in your life is affected by it, including your:

  • children
  • physical & emotional well-bing
  • family & friends
  • job satisfaction
  • finances
  • faith

As you can see, your marriage touches all of your life.

Yes, it's that important.

See this as your opportunity to improve your whole life by transforming that which touches all of it -- your marriage.

And, your marriage will be transformed because YOU will be transformed.

That's my promise. Period.

The $10/mo price is ridiculously low because I want you to sign-up so you can have a different marriage.

This is my final message about the discounted price.

I hope you'll act before it's too late.

Click here now to get signed up.

Transformation awaits.


ps - There will not be a "Great News: We decided to extend the offer for one more day to celebrate the new year!" email coming tomorrow. This is that email. Don't miss out. Sign-up now.

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