Is your marriage dusty?


Dust collects, so you must constantly inspect your marriage to ensure it stays tidy.

If your garage is like mine, you know that it has an amazing ability to collect dust and dirt -- and this is especially true if you have kids constantly bring debris from the driveway and yard. As I was sweeping ours out the other day, Cetelia commented, "It's amazing how dust collects." When she said that I thought about how easy it is for dust to collect on a marriage -- dust of complacency, apathy, busyness,neglect, and so on.

It happens gradually, which keeps us from doing something about it. Author Seth Godin says it like this:

The problem with gradual is that we don't notice the damage until the damage is extreme. And what happens when we finally realize that the problems we face are bad enough that they need fixing? Panic sets in. We rush around, ready to spend money. We put all of our efforts into finding the quick fix.

While dust can be removed from a marriage with time, effort, and money; it's necessary that we become routine dusters instead of binge dusters. Dust collects, so we must constantly inspect to ensure our marriage stays tidy.

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