Make You Feel My Love


You're gonna have a tough time communicating love to your mate if you're not speaking a love language he/she recognizes.

Has you spouse ever told you that he/she feels unloved or unappreciated? Maybe you're about to pull your hair out because you've done nearly everything you can to make your spouse feel your love. 

  • You buy flowers, no response.
  • You spend time, no response.
  • You write a loving card, no response.
  • You offer a hug, no response.
  • You cook dinner or wash the card, no response.

It could be that your effort is not wrong, just misdirected.

In his book the 5 Love Languages, author Gary Chapman writes about
the five ways we all feel loved:

  1. Acts of Service: doing things for your mate
  2. Gifts: buying things for your mate
  3. Quality Time: spending time with your mate
  4. Physical Touch: touching your mate (sexualyl & non-sexually)
  5. Words of Affirmation: writing and/or saying loving words to your mate
If you're busy trying to please your mate, but you don't seem to be making any progress, it could be that you're not speaking his/her "love language."

Just like you'd have a problem communicating with a person who doesn't know the language you're speaking, you're gonna have a tough time communicating love to your mate if you're not speaking a love language he/she recognizes

If you want to make your spouse feel your love, start by having him/her take the 5 Love Languages assessment (you take it, too!).

After you learn your mate's love language, start speaking it. Just be mindful that love languages can change based on the environment, your mate's age, needs, external stimuli, etc.

For that reason, it's proably best to do the assessment once every six months to ensure you're still making your spouse feel your love.

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