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We're Kevin & Cetelia Bullard, the founders of Marriage Works! Since 2009 we've been teaching and coaching couples on how to have a Christ-centered marriage that works.

We both come from divorced homes, and made a commitment to God and one another to end the string of broken marriages in our family.

While working on our own marriage, we noticed a passion to help others. Through live conferences, online events, courses, coaching, and our resources; we've managed to help thousands of couples have a better marriage. In addition, we've gained a following of 2 million people through out social media platforms.

We're parents of three great children -- Max, Caitlin, and Kuria Joy -- and live in the DFW metroplex.

While we are far from having a perfect marriage, we are committed to practicing what we preach. We're hopeful you'll find direction and hope through our resources. Your marriage is important, and we're here to help.

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D. Thomas

"Many times I find it hard to find mentors in marriage and even though this is virtual it is still a blessing to me."

K. Toomey

"Your posts have definitely helped me understand how a healthy marriage should function!"

B. Broussard

"Thanks to you all for the inspiring articles and encouraging words. Please know that you all are truly appreciated by me and the rest of the followers"


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